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Media Office located in the Agara Sim of Second Life - Teleport to Office

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The Kaitlin Times Editor

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Kaitlin Rayna Aka Purkleberry Kait

Adwork Media Offerwall


Earn extra L$ by playing games, watching video's, watching TV, listening to music, signing up, completing surveys, completing offers and more...

1.  Search for an offer to complete and read the terms and conditions.

3.  Complete the offer by filling in details or carrying out the tasks it asks you to do accurately please note:

Do not use false information as advertisers can check this or abuse affiliate system only one account per household or you will lose your earnings and be banned permanently.  Be honest use real information to unlock new offers and opportunities.


Completed offers must be verified before any payment, so payments could be delayed.

4.  Take a snapshot and send it to me (Kaitlin Rayna).

5.  Wait for me to confirm with the advertiser it has gone through it may take a few days, once confirmed I will pay you L$.

If I am offline in Second Life and you send me the notecard without me replying to you then I will NOT pay you, so please wait until you get the reply I am online first then send me the notecard.

6.  Wait for me to reply and review the evidence, once this all checks out with the advertiser and it has been confirmed I will pay you L$ directly please note payments could be delayed and may take a few days.

Kaitlin Rayna
The Kaitlin Times Editor

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